Thinking about enrolling in a University of Phoenix program?

Did you know the school is a “for-profit” school?  Did you know the company is owned by a multi-billion dollar investment fund manager called Apollo Global Management?

Consider the analysis presented here about the University of Phoenix’s graduation and retention rates and student loan debt before committing your money or taking on federal loans to be a customer of the education company.

(Analysis presented here is based on most recently available data and definitions from the US Department of Education College Score Card and The National Center for Education Statistics, retrieved January 2020. Data is weighted using undergraduate population for nineteen University of Phoenix institutions)

Less than 1% finished within four years
Less than 1% of University of Phoenix students finished their program within 100% of the “normal time”. That would mean less than 1% of University of Phoenix students finished a four year program within four years.

Six out of seven University of Phoenix students didn’t finish within 6 years
Less than 15% of students graduated within 150% of the normal time. This means nearly six out of seven students did not graduate within six years for a four year program.

Two out of three first year students didn’t return the second year
First year retention rate was less than 32%. Two out of three students did not return following their first year at University of Phoenix. (Based on thirteen certain UoP institutions that had publicly available DOE data).

70% of University of Phoenix students did not receive an award or their enrollment status was unknown
70% of students did not receive an award or their enrollment status was unknown after leaving the institution within 8 years of entry.

University of Phoenix student debt load

  • University of Phoenix students who did not complete their program still had a median debt of $9,500 upon entering repayment.
  • For those who actually completed their University of Phoenix program the median debt was $32,813.
  • The median debt for UOP students when they entered repayment was $18,500.

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